This splatterware cookware is designed for oven to table use and is approved for broiler and microwave as well as conventional oven use. ceramic bakeware 6.5" x 11" x .5" high at the side, not including the 4" handle.
Plates were 22.00ea, Soup bowl were 16.00ea, Cups were 16.00ea., and Sm.bowl were 12.00ea. And there are 4 plates that are plain but match colors.
Porch pick up only 1 soup spoon 1 large spoon 5 large forks 6 small spoons 7 knives 11 small forks
2 Vent Tabs allow for appropriate ventilation of produce Excellent used condition- don t think we ever used this for food. We used this to put smaller Tupperware containers in.
2 pots 1 lid impact-bonded base that eliminates disc separation and hot spots. Good used condition - still has use left 1 pot is a cook and strain pot.